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Home is where the hearth is! A great fireplace not only adds value and warmth to your home, it’s a natural focal point for winter entertaining. But if you’re having a hard time envisioning your guests sipping cocktails around your current fireplace configuration, it may be time for a fireplace facelift. Sometimes simply changing the materials on your fireplace can transform a dated hearth into a stunning piece of art and/or a conversation piece for guests. Whether you’re considering an aesthetic change or a completely new fireplace, we’re here to help every step of the way.

The Popularity Of Fireplaces 

Half of all American homes—approximately 55 million total—have at least one fireplace or freestanding stove, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA). Fireplaces rank among the top three features desired by new homebuyers, after outdoor porches and upgraded kitchens. Fifty-nine percent of those homeowners consider the fireplace to be a major design feature of their home, and 73% of fireplace owners say they use them to enhance the home’s atmosphere. An outdated fireplace, however, can detract from the overall appeal of your home.

When the temperatures outside really get you down, nothing can pick you up and thaw you out quite like sitting in front of the fireplace, and keeping it in tip-top operating and aesthetic condition is of the utmost importance. For a lot of people, that fireplace should be nothing less than a wood-burning fireplace. However, other people just want a nice warm fire and have no concern for what the source is. No matter with which group you associate, Olde Town Chimney Sweeps can help!

The Charm Of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There’s just something about a crackling wood fire that transports people to their happy place. The glowing embers add ambiance to your home and a feeling deep in the recesses of your soul that is almost impossible to duplicate. As you sit there and watch the dancing flames, you’re taken to a place of almost childlike wonderment, somewhere where nothing and no one can steal your joy.

It may be all in our heads, but a wood fire always seems to feel better and warmer. Perhaps it’s the crackling of the wood. Maybe it’s the aroma of the burning wood that fills the room with a certain sense of calm. Whatever it is, traditional wood-burning fireplaces have a special place in our hearts that can’t easily be replaced by a substitute.

Wood is also a readily available fuel – in fact, you may not even have to buy it. As long as you properly season your wood, you’ll enjoy a nice fire. Of course, there is work involved with a wood-burning fireplace. Chopping, stacking and storing wood can be enjoyable for some, and not for others. So, if you’re considering a wood-burning fireplace, the prep work is something to think about.

The Convenience Of Gas-Burning Fireplaces

The majority of traditional gas fireplaces consist of ceramic logs that sit atop a steel grate, just as wood logs do. The gas itself is distributed through a layer of sand with special glowing embers beneath the grate. As gas fireplaces have increased in popularity, manufacturers have begun casting log sets from actual wood log molds, making the results incredibly realistic and natural looking. When in operation, this setup is almost indistinguishable from your traditional wood-burning fireplace setup and provides a similar amount of warmth to boot.

Gas fireplaces are also enjoyed for their ease of operation — all you need to do is simply hold a fireplace match or fireplace lighter below the logs and turn on the gas for an instant fire; some models can even be turned on with the push of a button or the flip of a switch. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about chopping and carrying logs or continually adding wood to the fire to ensure that it doesn’t die out. No need to go back outside in the cold – with a gas fireplace, you’ll be able to stay nice and toasty without effort.

Let Us Help You Pick Out Your New Fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace can help to enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space and lifestyle. If you can picture it, the professionals at Olde Town Chimney Sweeps can make it happen.

As you can see, if you’re considering a new fireplace, you have options. The stylistic options are almost limitless, but it’s important to start by deciding which fuel type is right for you. Regardless of whether you choose gas or wood, you can’t go wrong with a quality fireplace. If you’re having trouble figuring out what the best fuel option is for you, we can help. We can also help you determine whether a simple update or a full replacement will best meet your needs. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment — we even offer online scheduling!


An insert or a freestanding stove may be the best heating solution for you, so check out your options with our appliance sales team.

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