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Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping for Home & Business

There is an array of items in your home that you need to tend to in order to make your home as safe as possible. Three of the items that we deal with quite frequently are wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces. These heating appliances and their chimneys or stove pipes require regular sweepings and annual inspections to ensure that everything is clean and working properly.

The Main Issue in Your Fireplace or Stove

The main culprit for fire risk is rarely the unit itself, but the chimney or stovepipe that has become clogged with a substance called creosote. When sweeping, it’s creosote and ash that we are removing from the walls of the appliance and venting. The reason you want to remove as much of this substance as possible is that it is highly combustible and is what normally ignites during a chimney or flue fire.

Some people refer to the process of deposit removal as chimney cleaning; however, the walls of the chimney or flue are never scrubbed clean but are swept clean with a series of brushes. We use hand brushes in the firebox and smoke chamber area and powered brushes in the flue or along the chimney walls to break the creosote up for easier removal. The processes and tools we use are designed to keep the deposits and dust contained and to prevent a mess, so you can enjoy stress-free service.

Our Sweeps

Not all chimney sweeps in the industry are equally qualified, experienced and trained. Our sweeps:

  • Go through background checks
  • Are CSIA-Certified
  • Are required to maintain training throughout the year to stay on top of technology and techniques to maintain our integrity as a premier chimney sweep company

Olde Town Chimney Sweeps has been in business for over 31 years and has swept thousands of chimneys in the process. We do it right and promise you that there will be NO MESS in your home! Yes, you read that right. We take great care to make sure your home is as clean, if not cleaner when we leave.

How We Perform Our Sweepings & Leave Your Home Clean

No one wants a messy home, and our sweeps take great care to prevent this during our sweeping services.

  • We lay tarps out in front of the appliance
  • We start in the firebox and work up to the flue
  • The damper assembly is checked and adjusted
  • As the sweeping goes along, a vacuum with a triple HEPA filter is used to control the dust particles
  • We do a visual inspection on the outside of the chimney and inside the firebox (a video inspection can also be done as well)
  • We will document any damage we find or repair needed with pictures and/or video
  • You will receive a copy of the written chimney evaluation

When to Sweep your Chimney

The rule of thumb for chimney sweeping is to have one performed annually. With that said, you might be a casual user and may be able to get away with sweeping every 18 months or so, or someone who burns a lot of wood and needs to have your fireplace swept every 6 months. The only way to discover if you are having your chimney swept frequently enough is to schedule a chimney inspection, which can be easily done by calling us at 804-693-2859 or filling out our scheduling form.

Don’t forget to visit our Appointment Tips page to see what you need to do prior to your appointment.


Put an annual chimney inspection at the top of your list of chimney services to schedule today.

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