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All About Chimney Liners & Why You Need One

Your chimney is comprised of several parts that enable it to function properly. One of those parts, which is often overlooked, is the liner. In fireplaces that burn oil, gas or solid fuels, a liner helps guide the harmful byproducts up and out of your home and protects the masonry and surrounding areas from high heat.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), problems in your chimney’s flue can present serious risks to your home and family, because it’s no longer able to perform its primary function, which is to safely contain and vent the products of combustion to the outside of your home.

It’s quite possible that your chimney could look fine on the outside, yet still be hiding a dangerous secret on the inside. Every chimney needs a working liner! This is one of the things our chimney technicians take a look at during your annual inspection and sweeping.

Why Do I Need A New Liner?

Your chimney professional may tell you that you need a new liner or that you need to repair the existing one. If your current liner was installed improperly or if it is deteriorating or improperly sized for your appliance, it is highly recommended that you have a new one installed by a licensed professional, as a damaged or improper liner can allow poisonous CO gases to enter your home creating danger and causing serious inefficiency. Depending on the type of chimney and appliance you have, there are several different relining options that may be recommended to you.

Flue Liners—You’ve Got Options

The majority of older homes have chimneys with liners made of clay; it is commonplace to repair or replace them with new clay liners, although switching over to a stainless steel chimney liner is an available option. Clay tile liners can withstand extremely high temperatures and hold up quite well against the corrosive byproducts that are created during a fire.

On the other hand, the vast majority of newer homes have chimneys with stainless steel liners already installed. These liners come in two different forms: rigid and flexible. The type your technician will choose ultimately depends on the shape of your chimney. A huge selling point for stainless steel liners, in general, is that they typically come with a lifetime warranty. They resist rust and easily hold and move heat and smoke up through the house and out into the atmosphere.

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of A Fully Functioning Flue Liner!

There are many reasons you may need to reline your chimney and you have several options available to you. The CSIA-certified technicians at Olde Town Chimney Sweeps will be there with you throughout the entire process. If you suspect there may be a problem with your liner, call us at 804-693-2859 or click here to schedule your appointment online today!


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