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Sooner Or Later Your Chimney Will Need To Be Repaired

Many homeowners don’t think about masonry chimney maintenance or repairs beyond their regularly scheduled inspections and sweepings. Unfortunately, ignoring your chimney can cost you big in the long run! By addressing potential problems early, homeowners can prevent bigger issues down the road — small repairs are far less costly than larger ones. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals at Olde Town Chimney Sweeps are here to handle all of your masonry repair needs from top to bottom.

Common Chimney Repairs

  • Your chimney is constantly battling a multi-front war: it’s exposed to the elements on the outside and the heat from your firebox on the inside. This constant abuse results in the weathering process being sped up significantly. As such, it isn’t unusual for mortar to begin to crumble and break away, creating open areas between the bricks and necessitating masonry repairs. Repointing (tuck pointing) your chimney might be the recommended course of action to remedy this problem. During this process, your chimney’s damaged, old and loose mortar is carefully removed from the joints between the bricks and replaced with new mortar to reinforce and stabilize the chimney. Learn more about the masonry repairs we perform here.
  • Your chimney’s crown is a reinforced concrete cap placed over the top of your brick and mortar chimney that plays a vital role. A properly constructed crown sheds water and serves as a protective covering for your chimney against harsh weather. Your chimney crown is exposed to the same elements that wreak havoc on the chimney itself. As a result, it can eventually crack or break and need to be replaced. The replacement crown will either be cast-in-place (a form is placed on the top of your chimney and filled with cement to the exact specifications required by your particular chimney) or precast (a prefabricated unit that’s placed on top of your chimney).
  • Your chimney is comprised of many parts that enable it to function properly. One of those parts (which is often overlooked) is the chimney liner. In fireplaces that burn oil, gas or solid fuels, a liner helps usher the harmful byproducts up and out of your home. Because of the critical nature of the job performed by your chimney liner, it’s a critical part of the system. Every chimney needs a working liner. If your current liner needs to be repaired or replaced, there’s no time to waste. A damaged liner can allow poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) gases to enter your home, which could ultimately lead to CO poisoning. Learn more about the importance of having a quality chimney liner here.
  • Spalling—the flaking off of a brick’s surface—is glaringly obvious, as the face of the masonry is missing. A spalling chimney is a sign of severe moisture penetration. It’s not uncommon to find pieces of brick on the ground or on your roof. Damage can be increased if your crown isn’t poured with an overhang (drip edge), as water that isn’t diverted is allowed to flow straight down your chimney’s face. This makes an already bad situation so much worse. Spalled bricks can’t be repaired, but instead must be replaced with expert care and professional techniques. After they’ve been replaced, a good waterproofing agent can assist in preventing additional moisture penetration as you move forward.

If you suspect that there are any issues whatsoever with your chimney system, consult a professional at Olde Town Chimney Sweeps. There’s no chimney problem that’s too big or too small for the certified chimney professionals at Olde Town Chimney Sweeps. It’s always best to think about the safety of your home and family when chimney system issues arise and have the necessary repairs completed in a timely manner. Call 804-693-2859 or click here to schedule an appointment!


Simply installing a chimney cap can keep a lot of harmful and unwanted debris and animals out of your home and chimney. Ask us about this common chimney service today.

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