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Appointment Scheduling Tips

Worrying about your chimney is stressful, but we’re here to help solve your needs with quality customer care! Scheduling an appointment is the first step in addressing your concerns, whether you have a leaky chimney, need masonry repair, or even want a general chimney inspection.

The first step in scheduling an appointment is filling out basic information through our online form. This provides us a reference point, when we call you to get into specifics about your needs. It is a straightforward process from there, once we get in touch with you we can move closer to solving any chimney problems you have.
With that said, an online form can only provide so much information. In order to provide the best quality customer service and experience in the region, we need your help.

These are five appointment tips that you can use to ensure that we provide you a maximum return on investment. By taking initiative as a fireplace or chimney owner, you’re taking a shortcut to a faster and more efficient service.

Appointment Scheduling Tips - Gloucester VA - Olde Town Chimney

Schedule in a Timely Fashion

If you are scheduling an annual inspection or sweeping, keep in mind that the best time for maintenance is in the spring & summer. During the colder months, we are often booked out far in advance and working to be there for our customers during emergencies. Scheduling routine maintenance in the “off-season” allows us to offer prompter, more flexible service.

Speaking of maintenance, it is a wise decision to let us know immediately if you suspect that there may be damage to your chimney or feel there might be a problem with it. Sometimes animals or pests take up residence in it if you don’t have a chimney cap to protect it. Or maybe you have a leaky chimney that drips down into your living room, causing water damage. Whatever the case, let us know when you suspect. After all, you deserve to have peace of mind. Save yourself headache and financial heartbreak by contacting us ASAP.

Be Specific In Your Concerns

To attain your peace of mind, it helps our professional team and technicians when you provide specific details about your problem. There is nothing wrong with being unsure about the situation – after all we’re the professionals – but it goes a long way when you describe characteristics about your concern. For example, you can say: “I’ve noticed that there are drafts coming in from my fireplace, I think that the hot air may be escaping” or “I suspect that there are raccoon’s or birds in my chimney”. These descriptions of your concerns are specific and concise, writing down your fears ahead of time helps us to troubleshoot and prepare a solution to your chimney problem.

Prepare Your Home Accordingly

Savvy chimney and fireplace owners will likely have a few dates set in advance for chimney inspection and have specific concerns at hand. To fully implement a successful chimney inspection strategy though, chimney and fireplace owners are encouraged to prepare their home accordingly.

If we are to service your fireplace, please discontinue use at least 24 hours before our arrival and remove the ash from the ashbox. We also ask that you move any precious items or breakables from the 5-6 foot area surrounding the appliance being serviced. This will help guarantee that our technicians can get right to work safely and quickly.

Timeliness + Specificity + Preparation = Success

You are our key partner in addressing your chimney or fireplace needs. We attribute our 30-year track record of success to collaboration with homeowners like you. Are you ready to take the next step in solving your chimney needs? Schedule an appointment today!

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