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Start Off 2016 With A Chimney Inspection

It is no secret that a fireplace often offers an idyllic image to most homeowners. When temperatures are low, the perfect spot to be is curled up in front of a fire with friends or family. Yet, a cozy night indoors can quickly go wrong if you are not taking the proper steps to keep your chimney safe for use. It is essential to get your chimney cleaned and inspected at least once per year to ensure that your home and family are staying safe.

Avoid Chimney Fires

Start off 2016 with a chimney inspection - Gloucester VA - Olde town chimney sweeps

Avoiding fires in the home and chimney is the main reason why a professional inspection is so important. When you use your chimney, creosote and other debris start to build up. The more often you use it, the more these substances will accumulate. Creosote is known for being highly flammable and the more there is, the higher your chances are of experiencing unwanted fires. An expert will know exactly where and what to clean, while using the proper chemicals to do so.

How you use your fireplace and how you burn your wood can also affect how quickly creosote builds up. The way air moves through a chimney has a lot to do with how efficient your fire will burn, which then affects debris accumulation. A professional will be able to ensure that air is running correctly through the chimney and can advise you on the right techniques to use to start and maintain a proper fire.

Avoid Structural Damages

Cracks and holes can quickly accumulate in a chimney, making everything run much less efficiently. They could lead to water damage, which will be cause for costly repairs in the future. It also leaves opportunity for smoke and debris to escape into your home, causing further damage to your possessions. On top of this, structural damage affects the look of your chimney and may eventually lead to discoloration, both of which lower the home’s overall value.

On a more serious note, failure to keep chimneys in proper condition can eventually lead to their collapse. If a chimney collapses, your entire home and surrounding homes will suffer, as the heavy brick falls and crashes into whatever is in its path. This could also cause serious injury to anyone nearby. Avoid costly repairs and medical bills by getting an inspection before it is too late.

Avoid Health Issues

When a chimney is not regularly maintained, smoke cannot escape properly. Having nowhere else to go, the smoke will back up into your home spreading possibly harmful toxins throughout the house. Not to mention, all of the excess dirt and debris build-up allows for more exposure to allergens. If you or a family member is already sensitive to these things, keeping a clean chimney is essential.

Olde Town Chimney Sweeps has all the tools you need for maintaining a safe and clean fireplace. Give our experts a call today!

Is Your Chimney Up To Code?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all parts of your house are protected and well-maintained for regular use. Owning a chimney is a desire held by many, but it does not come without a commitment to safety. There are multiple codes set into place by various organizations, all of which are instilled to keep people and homes free from the many hazards that will accompany a neglected fireplace. If you are not sure where your chimney stands in terms of safety codes and regulations, then today is the day to find out. By not meeting these, you put your home and family at risk.

Consult A Professional

Is Your Chimney Up To Code - Gloucester VA - Olde Town SweepBy contacting a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) professional today, you will take the first step in ensuring your home is safe. These experts are trained and educated on all chimney procedures and work hard to make sure that they have the knowledge to keep any home safe. To maintain certification, experts must attend training on a regular basis to stay up to date on consistently changing policies.

People who partake in this certification process take pride in knowing that they are capable of advising homeowners on maintaining safe and properly cared for chimneys. When business owners require this certification for their employees, they show that they are committed to providing the best service possible.

Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

One of the most important responsibilities involved in upholding an up-to-code fireplace is maintaining regular cleanings and inspections one to two times per year. Often, people will set these up right before and right after periods of more frequent burning. It is important to get this in before the holidays begin, especially if you are hosting any events. With more people in the house and fires being lit more frequently, ensuring that all safety measures are met is essential.

By getting your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected, you greatly reduce the risk of house fires and smoke backing up into your home. Creosote is highly flammable and, if too much accumulates, your home and chimney could suffer immensely. A professional will effectively remove this substance, using the correct techniques and chemicals, as well as dispose of any other objects that may be affecting your chimney, such as leaves or animal nests.

These inspections are also important because nothing can replace the insight and advice offered by an expert. A certified professional will know what to look out for and can advise on any potential hazards that should be fixed or replaced before any fires are started. Any small crack or seemingly minor flaw could be a cause for costly future repairs if not addressed right away.

Olde Town Chimney Sweeps can offer professional insight and ensure that your family is taken care of throughout the fast-approaching winter months. Our experts are CSIA certified and will work hard to make your chimney as safe and efficient as possible. Put your mind at ease and give a call today, 804-693-2859!

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