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Is It Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Keeping up with a busy household is challenging, even for the most organized person. There are countless things to keep up on and remembering everything on the to-do list is not always easy. Olde Town Chimney Sweeps is here to help you out and ease those burdens. One thing we like to remind you of is getting a professional in to clean your dryer vents on a regular basis and ensure that they are functioning properly.

Is It Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent - Glochester VA - Olde Town Chimney

Why Is This Important?

If you are managing a crazy schedule, getting your dryer vents cleaned out may seem like a low priority task. Yet, getting this done is extremely important in maintaining your home and family’s safety. Check out these reasons why you should schedule an inspection today

  • Reduce Risk Of Fire: There a thousands of fires per year
    that originate from the laundry room. Sparks can easily ignite when lint build-up becomes excessive. Having your dryer installed and inspected by a professional will help in reducing the risk of fire because everything is ensured to be running efficiently. Also, be sure to regularly clear out your lint trap and have your venting systems professionally cleaned.
  • Save Some Money: The better your dryer is running, the less you have to pay in energy bills. If your dryer cannot vent properly and lint builds up, it will not function as well, forcing you to run multiple cycles to get your clothes completely dry. Not only does this take money out of your pocket, but it takes up more of your time, as well. Get your clothes drying faster by scheduling an inspection right away.
  •  Keep Out Toxins: Breathing in clean air can make a huge difference in one’s overall health. Especially if you are prone to allergens, getting your dryer vent cleaned out is important in keeping the air in your home safe to inhale. By taking in harmful toxins, you could be facing doctor visits and medical bills. Getting your vents cleaned out will save you those extra costs and keep your family healthy.

When Should I Schedule An Appointment?

If you are unaware of the last time your dryer system has been professionally cleaned or inspected, then schedule an appointment right away to ensure that everything is running efficiently. At Olde Town Chimney Sweeps, our staff are professionally trained and certified to get your dryer in top shape for your everyday use.

Once you have gotten everything cleaned and inspected, the recommended amount of cleanings is one per year. Yet, if you find that you are using your dryer multiple times a day, then it would be wise to up that amount to two or three times per year. Keeping your home and family safe is our number one priority, so give us a call today. Do not wait until it is too late!

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