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Waterproofing Your Chimney

Your chimney goes through a lot of wear and tear. Being constantly exposed to the outdoor elements causes a lot of damage in the long run, which ends up putting a strain on you and your pocketbook. A better option is to invest in preventative measures now, before having to face costly repairs in the future. One of the best things you can do for your chimney is have it waterproofed.

Water and Masonry

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Water is very harmful the brick on your chimney and will end up causing a lot of deterioration if it is not properly protected. Through the process of freezing and thawing, the chimney experiences extra pressure, since water expands when it freezes. On top of that the mortar holding the brick together will wear down more quickly and any metal aspects on the chimney will rust or break down.

In the long run, these things will cause a lot of overall damage. Your chimney will eventually collapse if not properly taken care of, which is an extremely costly thing to repair. Rust, rotting, cracks, and stains are just a few more of the many issues that arise when water comes into contact with your masonry. If you spend the money waterproofing now, you will save yourself from expensive and time-consuming fixes in the future.

Preventing Water Damage

So, what needs to be done to prevent water damage from occurring? Here are a few things you can do.

  • Install A Chimney Cap: Chimney caps sit on top of the chimney and do not allow rain or other weather elements to enter it. They are typically inexpensive and work hard to protect your brick year round. They also protect it from birds and other animals that might want to build homes inside of your chimney.
  • Repair Cracks and Gaps: The mortar on your chimney breaks down as it is exposed to outdoor elements. If holes start to form, it allows more opportunities for water to enter the brick and cause more damage. Filling these gaps and patching up any cracks will benefit your chimney greatly for when nasty weather comes around.
  • Waterproofing: Since brick is known for sucking in water, it would be a wise idea to waterproof your entire chimney. The smartest and safest option is to hire a professional to do the job. Before anything is done, the brick needs to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any possible damage. Once that is done, the water repellent can be applied. An expert will know exactly what to look for, as far as needed repairs, and knows the proper chemicals that should be used.

Olde Town Chimney Sweeps has everything you need to get your chimney in the best possible condition. Give one of our experts a call today. We look forward to serving you!

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