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Types of Fireplace Screens

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If you own a fireplace, you may be questioning whether or not a fireplace screen is a good investment for your home. If you have small children or curious pets, a fireplace screen would be a well worthwhile purchase. It greatly decreases the risk of injury by adding a cover over the fireplace, which minimizes the likelihood of a person or object falling in. Keeping one’s home and family safe should be the number one priority for any homeowner and adding a screen is one way to do that.

A fireplace screen is a great addition to any home, not just for safety reasons, but for décor purposes, as well. Many homeowners appreciate having the opportunity to enhance their fireplace with one of the many design options now available. Increasing safety, while being given the option to personalize your fireplace to your tastes is a win-win in any household.

fireplace screens - Gloucester VA-Olde Town SweepWhen it comes to fireplace screens, there are a variety of options allowing any homeowner to choose what works best for them. The first thing to consider is what type you want. There are two major options to pick from on this front, so educating yourself on both is important in making the right decision. Read more about them below.

  • Flat Guard Screens: These are mesh screens that fit around the outside of your fireplace, completely covering the opening. If you have younger children in the home, this may be the best option for you as they greatly reduce the risk of fireplace injuries. It will need to be moved to tend to the fire, but this is a minor inconvenience in comparison to keeping your loved ones safe.
  • Screens with Openings: The other main type of screen also fits against and completely covers the opening of the fireplace, making it a safe option. The difference between it and a flat guard screen is that it has a door, making access to the fire much more convenient. If you don’t have pets or small children to worry about, this may be a better option for you.

Once you decide what type you want, consider the many style choices. Between traditional designs, antique designs, or something designed to function specifically for your home, there are countless options out there, allowing every homeowner to be satisfied with their purchase. You can personalize the color and shape of your screen, as well. Curved styles are available, as well as the class straight across types. Any screen style will add a personalized touch to your home, so check out your options right away.

Olde Town Chimney Sweeps has a variety of fireplace screens for any homeowner. Our experts can work with you to find the right fit for your home and ensure that proper installation techniques are followed. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today!